Hostile Takeover Update

Hello interwebz, it’s Andrew. It’s been a couple of weeks since Origins and I wanted to shoot out an update on how Hostile Takeover  work is progressing.

Upon arriving home from the convention I went through the wealth of information from both the play tester surveys and table talk. The feedback was     overwhelmingly positive and many people provided excellent ideas on making the game even better.

D jThe first change I made to the game was converting the Initiative roll from 2D6 to 3D6 and changing the Action Card Initiative Modifiers appropriately. This change means that all basic die rolls in the game will be 3D6.

One of the biggest takeaways from Origins play testing was that the more modularity and flexibility I can build into the game the better. With that in mind I’m looking at splitting up the teams into individual characters. Players will then be able to choose between playing with recommended teams or drafting characters to create teams. Drafting characters will add to play time, but is also a huge increase for flexibility, strategic depth and re-playability.

Another idea I’m exploring involves making the game board modular and perhaps double sided. This way the board can be put together in alternate ways and even added to. Can you say 5-6 player expansion? I can. It will be an early stretch goal of the Kickstarter campaign.

Something I already had in mind that was widely encouraged by play testers was to add in a variety of optional advanced rules. Some of the ideas I’m working on here include Cumulative Terrain modifiers for To Hit rolls, Dynamic/Reactive Terrain, character drafting and more. Having optional rules increases flexibility by allowing players to choose how they balance play time, ease of play and depth of play. Having options is always a good thing right? This will also allow players to change how they approach the game over time or even from one play session to another. Introducing the game to new players? Great, go with the basic rules. Your gaming group played this a few times and ready to go to the next level? Great, add destructible terrain to the game and hang on for a wild ride.

Work continues on fleshing out and balancing additional scenarios and presenting some of the math on the player mats in a more user friendly manner. There are also still a couple of characters that aren’t working out the way I want them to. Don’t know if they will be altered or scrapped…

B amanda

All told I feel like the game is at 90%. I hope to have all design and development done within the next 3 months. That said, I will not attempt to release the game until I feel it is as perfect as it can be and if that takes extra time it will be time well spent.

I have some play tests lined up for this weekend so progress marches ever forward. Until next time I continue to be

Not Dead Yet and Loving Life!

—Andrew McGrady

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3 comments on “Hostile Takeover Update
  1. Dave Harris says:

    Thanks for the update. I was wondering how your overall Origins experience went. Loved the game and looking forward to playing it again. Kudos on hearing the voice of the playtesters and incorporating some of the suggestions. Can’t stress enough the need for miniatures (just ask the Level 7 developers)! Good luck and see you in the arena.

    • Thanks for the feedback and support! I continue to think that miniatures for the game will be a stretch goal of the KickStarter. Minis make the game way cooler but also way more expensive to produce and thus to buy. One of the design goals for the game is making the minis experience more affordable and accessible to board gamers so I continue to wrestle with the question of minis.

      I’m guessing I have at least 6 months before hitting KickStarter so that gives us time to find the right solution for this issue.

      • Dave Harris says:

        Adding minis as a stretch goal would work just fine. Can’t wait to see what you do with the game next!

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