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Progress Updates

Hello all. I just wanted to update everyone on exciting developments with the game and the upcoming Kickststarter. Game Design: Game design is finally all but done. All main rules are locked in and ready to go. This weekend I

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Pre-Kickstarter Planning and Funding

Hello all. Things are happening fast and starting to come together for launching the Hostile Takeover Kickstarter campaign on December 2nd. I’ve been working hard the last couple weeks talking to a variety of reviewers to get coverage for the

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What’s New with Hostile Takeover?

In last week’s update I reported that improvements have been made and the game was playing better than ever. I thought I should let you know what’s changed. Character Drafting:  Each Scenario will still have recommended Teams for players who

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Quotes Requested for Hostile Takeover Components

So I’ve spent most of the day putting together my component list for the game and I sent it to the 1st of 2 or 3 manufacturers that I’m going to get quotes from. I’m feeling excited and a little

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Game Update 10-1-13

My goal for some while now has been to be 100% done with the game design of Hostile Takeover by the end of September. Now that it’s October I can report that while I am not completely done, I am

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