What’s New with Hostile Takeover?

In last week’s update I reported that improvements have been made and the game was playing better than ever. I thought I should let you know what’s changed.

Character Drafting:  Each Scenario will still have recommended Teams for players who just want to jump right in and start playing. However, players can now choose to use one of two different methods for Drafting their Team. Either of these methods takes about 5 minutes and greatly adds to tactical options, flexibility and replay value.

Melee:  The Melee Action used to include the ability to Counter Charge a figure that was Charging or Moving within your Charge Range. While this was a cool idea, in practice it slowed the game down and made the Melee Action convoluted. Counter Charging has been removed from the game and Melee has been reworked and revamped. The end result is a smoother and quicker Melee Action that offers the same tactical diversity and opportunity for decision making as before.

Presentation:  Previously, figuring your To Hit Number for a Ranged Attack went something like this:

The rough draft version of new weapons chart

The rough draft version of new weapons chart

1. Find your weapon’s To Hit Bonus at the given Range.

2. Determine Target’s Cover Modifier.

3. Determine Target’s Movement Modifier.

4. Roll 3D6 applying all bonuses and modifiers and try to get an 11.

In practice this turned into something like this:  My weapon is +3 at Medium Range, Target has Hard Cover so that’s -3, Target is Moving so that’s -1. So +3 -3 -1 = -1. My Target Number is 12.

In the new system all those modifiers still apply, but they are on a super easy to read chart on every character sheet. This makes Attack rolls easier and quicker while removing the need for memorizing Modifiers and doing math from the game. I call that a win.

Special Actions:  Several Special Actions used to be duplicated with a few characters having the same one. Now, no Special Action is duplicated. This makes each character feel unique and offers a broader array of choices.

Other:  In addition to everything mentioned above, Characters have been tweaked and re-balanced, new Scenarios have been created, and Advanced/Optional Rules have been created for those interested in taking the game to the next level.

The game keeps on getting better and I am close to being totally done with the design. I will keep you posted as events develop. Until next time I continue to be

Not Dead Yet and Loving Life!

–Andrew McGrady

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2 comments on “What’s New with Hostile Takeover?
  1. I’m super excited about this game. Thanks for the updates!

    • Paula says:

      You know me. I won’t be able to play until I’m sitting there with you and Bekah and you can walk me through it. LOL! But….so glad you’re not dead yet!!

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