Pre-Kickstarter Planning and Funding

Hello all. Things are happening fast and starting to come together for launching the Hostile Takeover Kickstarter campaign on December 2nd. I’ve been working hard the last couple weeks talking to a variety of reviewers to get coverage for the game before and during the campaign. Ryan Metzler of The Dice Tower is going to do a Kickstarter preview video of the game. The great team at is going to do a pre-production review of the game and I’m in the process of deciding on a 2nd site to do a pre-production review. The video and these reviews are extremely important for two reasons: validation and exposure. Reviews will prove that people who aren’t my friends and family are really enjoying the game. Additionally, these steps will expose my game and campaign to thousands of gamers. My deepest wish is that the strength and uniqueness of the game combined with this validation and exposure will cause the game and the campaign to go viral.

Fund Raising T-Shirt

Fund Raising T-Shirt

The catch is that all of the above costs money and with that in mind, Rebekah and I are trying to raise $600 this month. This money will help us create advanced prototypes of the game, mail them to the reviewers and cover the costs of the advertising that we plan to buy for the campaign. If we raise even more than $600 then the additional money will go towards more advertising and improving our Kickstarter video.

We launched a fund raising campaign today selling t-shirts. Rebekah recently created a shirt that has been very popular with her store and she has donated it to this campaign. The shirt doesn’t relate directly to the game but the game includes many weapons so it’s not unrelated either. I also appreciate the shirt’s message of being prepared and level headed. Head to to get yours today!

For anyone not interested in the shirt but interested in supporting our pre-Kickstarter efforts, we will happily accept donations. Use the Contact Us button to let us know you’re interested.

In closing I would like to thank everyone for their support over the past year. The finish line for getting the game to market is in sight and that ending will be a whole new beginning! Until next time I continue to be

Not Dead Yet and Loving Life!

–Andrew McGrady

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