Progress Updates

Hello all. I just wanted to update everyone on exciting developments with the game and the upcoming Kickststarter.

Game Design:

Coming soon to a table top near you!

Coming soon to a table top near you!

Game design is finally all but done. All main rules are locked in and ready to go. This weekend I will doing some final testing relating to the advanced/optional rules. This means the game will be going up on Board Game Geek very soon. Yay! I’ll post here when Hostile Takeover goes live on the geek.


Ryan Metzler of The Dice Tower will be doing a Kickstarter Preview video of Hostile Takeover on The Dice Tower’s Youtube channel. Vince Paone of Dad’s Gaming Addiction will be doing a written review as well as a Youtube video. Lastly, the team at Board Game Quest will be writing another review. These videos and articles will provide great exposure and validation for the game and the Kickstarter campaign.


I’ve been going back and forth with 3 different game manufacturers all month. I don’t have price quotes from them set in stone yet but the early numbers I’m hearing give me great hope that I can produce the game at a price point that will allow me to sell the game for $50-$60 which was one of my major goals all along. Given the huge number of components (20 force field walls and 80 barrier cubes to name a few) I think the game will be a great bargain if sold in this price range.

Fund Raising:

Our t-shirt fund raiser turned out to be a huge success despite not really selling any t-shirts. (There are lessons here I’ll write about at another time.)

I’m happy to report that friends and family came out of the woodwork to support us. Counting pledges we haven’t yet received we will slightly surpass out fundraising goal and should be able to purchase some additional advertising in addition to the items we were initially raising money for. Our huge thanks go out to everyone who has supported our pre-Kickstarter fundraiser.

In Closing:

Yes. That's totally a chainsaw.

Yes. That’s totally a shotgun/chainsaw.

Our launch date of December 2nd is fast approaching but the pieces keep coming together. Once the final play tests are done this weekend I’ll be working on re-writing the rules and getting Hostile Takeover on the geek. I’m also looking forward to going into production for the Kickstarter video next month. Until next time I continue to be

Not Dead Yet and Loving Life!

–Andrew McGrady

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