Hostile Takeover Fiction!!!

So as the designer of the game, I’m very familiar with the back-story of the game world and the drama of the game. Despite that, I hired my dear friend, the amazingly gifted Kaeli Gardner, to bring the world to life through her writing. I think the sample of her writing shown below proves this was a genius move on my part. You can look forward to seeing more Hostile Takeover fiction coming from Kaeli over the next couple of months.

Until next time I continue to be

Not Dead Yet and Loving Life!

–Andrew McGrady

I was born for this.
Born for this.


I was born for this.

When the smoke clears, I take stock.  My teammate got clear of the grenade but the blast sent me careening into one of the force shield barriers.  My trenchcoat’s singed, but the body armor did its job.  Nothing broken.   Camera drones whir around me, and I know they’re watching.  The executives.  The gamblers.  The hustlers.  The crowds.  I don’t care.

To my right, I see another combatant wounded on the ground.  Right now, she’s a non-issue, but once the nanobots heal her up she’ll be on me quick.  Up ahead, through the blue flicker of the force shield, I see my teammate and another merc closing in on the center.  That’s where the goal is.  I see the flash of razor claws extending, and I know I have to move.

That’s when I see him.  Crouched behind a crate, the sniper’s trained on me.  He can’t hit me through the barrier, but the moment I move out, I need to get low fast.

To my left, I see my third teammate, prone behind a force cube.  His eyes are locked on mine.  He gives an imperceptible nod and his eyes flash toward the sniper, and I know he knows.  Like me, he was made for this moment.  This is why we’re here.

I change mags in my pistol, ready my sword and fall into a rolling dive.  I hear the sniper’s report, and my mate’s SMG lighting up behind me.  I break into a sprint, leveling my pistol at the melee in the center, and my mouth falls open in a growl of determination as I start squeezing rounds.

This is my purpose.

I was born for this.

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