1 Week Until Hostile Takeover Launches on Kickstarter!!!

OMG. Only 1 week to go. If anyone ever tells you that prepping for a Kickstarter campaign is easy, punch them in the face for me.

Glamorous Life of a Game Designer

Glamorous Life of a Game Designer

In all seriousness this is rewarding and enjoyable but the work load is intense. On to news:

1. Dad’s Gaming Addiction published their preview article and video today. Check them out at http://www.dadsgamingaddiction.com/hostile-takeover-preview/
I’m definitely excited by this and I can hardly wait to see what Board Game Quest and The Dice Tower will have to say when their article/video go live in about a week.

2. Submitted my Kickstarter page for approval last night. This means that the skeleton of the KS page is up and ready to go. Rebekah and I will be working all week to polish it and get it ready for the public. I hope to have it in good enough shape to share the preview page with you all on Wednesday.

3. The observant among you may notice the website has undergone some substantial upgrades. The current rules, press release and a bunch of photos have been added under the Hostile Takeover menu. Check them out.

4. I’ve submitted press releases and been talking to 30+ gaming sites. Some will be running my press release and at least 2 are interested in interviewing me or getting the game on their podcasts. This coverage is exciting and I will keep you all posted as things develop.

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