Preview our Kickstarter Page

The Kickstarter Preview Page can be viewed here:

We are certainly not done with the page by any means but it is in good enough shape for us to share it with our fans and get feedback.

From the Kickstarter Video

From the Kickstarter Video

One thing that I will be working on this afternoon is writing an in-depth look at the game play experience. When finished should this be its own section that would go beneath the What’s in the Box Section or should it be Update #1 that we link to in the For More Information Section? What do you all think? Is there a different place it should go? Additionally I’m going to look at ways to cut 30-60 seconds out of the video. I really like how it turned out but everyone is saying that roughly 2 minutes is the sweet spot so I may work with my video editor to cut some scenes.

The page will evolve as the campaign progresses but we want it to look great from Day 1! So we welcome any feedback you all have to give regarding making the page look better or be more clear.

Thank you all for the support you have given us already! We are very excited to finally be getting the Kickstarter going and hopefully we will be delivering copies of the game by June or July next year.  Until next time I continue to be

Not Dead Yet and Loving Life!

–Andrew McGrady

PS: Check out the $1 Pledge Level. I think many of you are going to love that one. Thanks!

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