We’re On War Game Vault

We have been working on redoing the character art from Hostile Takeover and are pleased to announce that the first 8 figure set is now available as 2-D printable minis on The War Game Vault.  2-D Paper Minis are an inexpensive, quick and easy way to get figures on a table for skirmish tabletop games or to represent characters on a map for your RPG.

all figs

The Art Ninja is working on the remaining 8 characters, so look out for Dystopian Warriors II as soon as that happens, and then we’ll focus on launching an easy and fast paced miniatures rule set to use with the figures. We are hoping that these will be a stepping stone to a full print and play version of Hostile Takeover sometime next year… We also have a card game in development now (not war game related; we’re pretty entertained by it, but too soon to share 🙂 and plenty more ideas in the hopper.

Not Dead Yet and Loving Life,

NDY Games

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