Not Dead Yet Games is the dream of husband and wife team Andrew and Rebekah McGrady. Between them they have been playing board games, card games, miniatures games and RPGs for a combined 35 years.
“We are deeply grateful to the hobby gaming industry for the lifetime of fun and friendship it has brought us. Our deepest wish is to bring family and friends closer together over rousingly fun games.”

Meet the McGradys

315022_2521658873611_1017487146_2836434_732439739_nEven as a child Andrew was more into board games than his playmates. In addition to classics like Risk and Monopoly, Andrew got into boardgames like Screaming Eagles and Hotels. For his 10th birthday his big brother Brian got him the Basic D&D Redbox set and it was all downhill from there. Andrew started hanging out in comic and hobby shops and was introduced to all sorts of games. Since then Andrew has been a play tester for a variety of miniatures, role playing, and board games, but had never created a game of his own until recently.

Mercenary Art-Ninja Rebekah grew up with a crayon or paint brush always in hand. While she wasn’t introduced to the hobby gaming industry until she met Andrew in 2002, she already had a reputation as a cunning card player and was rumored to be vicious at Risk, Dominoes, Parcheesi and Canasta. Rebekah took to board gaming and role playing like a duck to water and soon she had shared the joy and pain of Catan with her whole family.

Rebekah’s career in graphic design design and illustration has enabled her to work on a wide variety of projects for many interesting people. Over the years she has found that her favorite type of work is design and illustration for games and so she is thrilled to take on the role of Not Dead Yet Games’ lead artist.

What’s in a Name? or Where did the name come from?

2013-06-05 13.25.59

The remains of the broken sled are kept as a reminder for caution and symbol of gratitude for Andy’s continued life and health. The cell phone in his back pocket was not so fortunate and its plastic shards and shattered circuit boards were laid to rest by the Alltel Insurance policy…

In addition to his lifelong passion for gaming, Andrew has engaged in a wide variety of activities that could be classified as hazardous to his health. These include — but are not limited to — mountain climbing, bungee jumping, skiing, skateboarding, roller hockey, motorcycling and full-contact martial arts. It thus came as quite a surprise to Andrew and his friends and family when a routine outing to go sledding with his younger brother-in-law led to Andrew shattering vertebras L3 and L4.

Doctors later reported that shards of bone had sliced entirely through the protective outer layer of the spinal cord without damaging a single nerve underneath. Andrew’s prayers for continued pain during the accident (he knew his spine was broken) had miraculously been answered!

Andrew underwent major surgery, spent 1 week in ICU and another 2 weeks in the hospital. Months of physical therapy followed. The end result is that while the titanium in his spine slows him down a bit, Andrew survived and his passion for life (being Not Dead Yet) is greater than ever.

Since the accident, 9 Andy’s Not Dead Yet (A.N.D.Y.) parties have been thrown. These weekend long events bring 20-40 people to the McGrady household for gaming, revelry and the general celebration of our lives and relationships. When deciding what to name our new gaming company, Not Dead Yet Games turned out to be the perfect choice…

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