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Be Splendid at Splendor

At the recent 10 year anniversary party for my Not Dead Day, a lot of Splendor (by Asmodee/ Space Cowboys) got played. It’s a light to mid-weight game with elements of luck and strategy in fairly equal mixes, a solid

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We’re On War Game Vault

We have been working on redoing the character art from Hostile Takeover and are pleased to announce that the first 8 figure set is now available as 2-D printable minis on The War Game Vault.  2-D Paper Minis are an

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Lords of War: Know Your Enemy!

Lords of War: Lords of War is an expandable (not to be confused with collectible) tactical card/board game from Black Box Games.The game comes in sets containing 2 Armies each allowing 2 players to instantly play out of just one

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How To Prevent Richard From Winning Tzolk’in

Every game designer should know a Richard for play-testing purposes (and a Harvey and a Scott for that matter, but that’s another post). A Richard will orchestrate his entire strategy around maxing points out in one area of a game

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Taking it With You: #1 Strategy for winning Valley of the Kings

Easily the most fun deckbuilder I’ve played in quite some time, Valley of the Kings has players portray Ancient Egyptian nobility vying to stash away the most impressive treasure collection in their pyramids. Like most deck builders, all players start

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Hostile Takeover Kickstarter is Now Live!!!

Good morning everyone. The Hostile Takeover Kickstarter is now live! Please share the link below far and wide and I hope you will all consider backing this project. Thank you all for your support in helping us to get this

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Preview our Kickstarter Page

The Kickstarter Preview Page can be viewed here: We are certainly not done with the page by any means but it is in good enough shape for us to share it with our fans and get feedback. One thing

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