Hostile Takeover

game logosCorporate Powers Hire Elite Mercenaries to “Negotiate” Their Deals

Hostile Takeover is a combative board game that blurs the line between miniatures gaming and board gaming. The game captures the fun and excitement of a skirmish miniatures game and combines that with the lowered cost and increased ease of play of a board game. Over extensive play testing, Hostile Takeover has been enjoyed by veteran miniatures gamers as well as board gamers—even those who have disliked minis games in the past.

Rules Overview:

During the game, players recruit and use a team of 4 mercenaries to accomplish scenario-specific objectives that earn them victory points. Each scenario is specifically designed to bring all teams together in a flurry of combat.

At the start of each Round every player selects an Action Card (Move, Melee, Fire or Aim/Overwatch) for each of their unwounded characters. Players also assign 4 Energy Tokens to their characters. Energy Tokens are used to boost the characters in a variety of ways and also enable the use of each character’s unique Special Action. Players then roll for Initiative. Finally, players go in Initiative order activating 1 character at a time. There is a quick Clean Up step at the end of the round and then a new one begins.

Ranged and Melee Combat checks are handled by rolling 3d6 and trying to equal or exceed a given target number. Each Character has a chart describing their ranged and melee weapons that quickly and easily provides the target number to roll against based on a variety of factors.


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