Hostile Takeover Kickstarter Press Release

Genre-Bending Game Launching on Kickstarter December 2nd

Hostile Takeover is a combative board game that blurs the line between miniatures gaming and board gaming. The game captures the fun and excitement of a skirmish miniatures game and combines that with the lowered cost and increased ease of play of a board game. When asked about his inspiration, designer Andrew McGrady says, “I love minis gaming but that hobby is very costly and time intensive. Additionally, most of my friends are board gamers but not minis gamers. Hostile Takeover is the result of my effort to create a game that would appeal to board gamers while scratching my itch to play minis games.”

Game Backstory:

Hostile Takeover, the debut release from Not Dead Yet Games, takes place in the not too distant future where the world is ruled by massive corporations who compete for control of empires. When wars waged by private armies proved too costly, the Wolf & Phoenix Marketing Conglomerate introduced an out-of-the-box way for megacorps to resolve their differences: The Hostile Takeover Arena. Corporations can now settle disputes by simply hiring a team of mercenaries to out-maneuver and out-gun the competition in a quick, bloody, ratings-exploding spectacle.

Brief Rules Overview:

During the game, players recruit and use a team of 4 mercenaries to accomplish scenario-specific objectives that earn them victory points. Each scenario is specifically designed to bring all teams together in a flurry of combat.

Ranged and Melee Combat checks are handled by rolling 3d6 and trying to equal or exceed a given target number. Each Character has a chart describing their ranged and melee weapons that quickly and easily provides the target number to roll against based on a variety of factors.

About Not Dead Yet Games:

Not Dead Yet Games is the dream of husband and wife team Andrew and Rebekah McGrady. They have been playing board games, card games, miniatures games and RPGs for a combined 35 years. “We are deeply grateful to the hobby gaming industry for the lifetime of fun and friendship it has brought us. Our deepest wish is to bring family and friends closer together over rousingly fun games.” 

Vital Stats and Links:

Number of Players: 2-4 (5-6 Player Expansion is in the works)

Play Time: 30 minutes per player

Recommended Age: 14+

Not Dead Yet Games website:

Hostile Takeover Art Gallery:

Hostile Takeover Rules:


Board Game Geek:

Kickstarter Preview:

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