Print & Play 2-D Minis

We’ve revamped the character art from Hostile Takeover into printable 2-D minis! If you’re itching to get figures on a table to start playing, printable minis are a great-looking, less expensive, and faster alternative to buying and painting 3-D minis. Or maybe you need to represent characters in your tabletop RPG.

Our first set, Dystopian Warriors I, features characters you’ll remember from Hostile Takeover as:

STONE: Man with SMG/Hand Razors
ANGEL: Woman with LMG/Machete
CYNDER: Woman with Flame Thrower/Tonfa
BARD: Man with Shotgun/Battle Axe
BOSS: Man with Pistol/Sword
K-DOGG: Man with Assault Rifle/Bayonet
JADE: Woman with Pistol/Monofilament Whip
CHANCE: Woman with Scoped Assault Riffle/Bayonet

all figs

Of course, you can name them whatever suits your game. You actually get 16 figures in all as we’ve included each figure in an alternate color scheme as well as Wastelands and Metal Plate bases in 25mm Hexes or Circles. You can purchase your high quality printable PDF at: War Game Vault for $2.47.

Our 2nd set of 2D minis have become recently available (at long last). Dystopian Warriors II includes two skins each of:

MIRAGE: Woman with Machine Gun with Bayonet
FLINT: Stealthy Man with SMG/Hand Razors (Twin to STONE in Dystopian Warriors I)
ELLE: Woman with Revolver-Knife and Pistol-Knife (new character! Replaces Gremlin… for now)
JACE: Man with Shotgun-Chainsaw
SPECTRE: Woman with Sniper Rifle/Morningstar
DODGER: Armored Man with SMG/Hand Razors
KIRRA: Woman with SMG/Machete
KNAVE: Man with Grenade Launcher/Spiky Maul


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