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Dystopian Warriors II Set is Out!

We finally got our next set of 2-D Minis on ! Like the first in the series, this set is 8 characters in 2 skins, with the same assortment of bases, so they can be mixed and matched with

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Be Splendid at Splendor

At the recent 10 year anniversary party for my Not Dead Day, a lot of Splendor (by Asmodee/ Space Cowboys) got played. It’s a light to mid-weight game with elements of luck and strategy in fairly equal mixes, a solid

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Hostile Takeover Fiction!!!

So as the designer of the game, I’m very familiar with the back-story of the game world and the drama of the game. Despite that, I hired my dear friend, the amazingly gifted Kaeli Gardner, to bring the world to

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Hostile Takeover is now on Board Game Geek!!!

Hostile Takeover is now on BGG! Check it out at: I’ll be working on uploading images and getting other information on the site this week. I would really appreciate it if people who have play tested the game would

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What’s New with Hostile Takeover?

In last week’s update I reported that improvements have been made and the game was playing better than ever. I thought I should let you know what’s changed. Character Drafting:  Each Scenario will still have recommended Teams for players who

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Game Update 10-1-13

My goal for some while now has been to be 100% done with the game design of Hostile Takeover by the end of September. Now that it’s October I can report that while I am not completely done, I am

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