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Dystopian Warriors II Set is Out!

We finally got our next set of 2-D Minis on ! Like the first in the series, this set is 8 characters in 2 skins, with the same assortment of bases, so they can be mixed and matched with

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Hostile Takeover Kickstarter is Now Live!!!

Good morning everyone. The Hostile Takeover Kickstarter is now live! Please share the link below far and wide and I hope you will all consider backing this project. Thank you all for your support in helping us to get this

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1 Week Until Hostile Takeover Launches on Kickstarter!!!

OMG. Only 1 week to go. If anyone ever tells you that prepping for a Kickstarter campaign is easy, punch them in the face for me. In all seriousness this is rewarding and enjoyable but the work load is intense.

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Hostile Takeover Fiction!!!

So as the designer of the game, I’m very familiar with the back-story of the game world and the drama of the game. Despite that, I hired my dear friend, the amazingly gifted Kaeli Gardner, to bring the world to

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Progress Updates

Hello all. I just wanted to update everyone on exciting developments with the game and the upcoming Kickststarter. Game Design: Game design is finally all but done. All main rules are locked in and ready to go. This weekend I

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